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Real Estate

We understand and represent all aspects of real estate law.  We represent buyers and sellers, dealing with issues regarding purchase agreements, real estate disputes, real estate disclosures, land contracts, rent to own contracts, easements, survey issues, rights of way, boundary and title disputes.  We also advise real estate brokers, agents, principal brokers, title companies and appraisers.  We are adept at litigation, risk management, licensing and dispute resolution.


Specifically we:


  • Review real estate contracts and ensure the language reflects the understanding of the parties and protects various interests

  • Handle legal issues regarding liens and encumbrances on title

  • Prepare for and attend closing

  • Ensure all documents are properly signed and drafted

  • Handle any problems that may arise

  • Manage recording issues

  • Deal with commercial real estate issues, such as property management, duplex-related issues, multi-family issues, and resolving disputes related to lease agreements, boundary lines, easements, etc.

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