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Real Estate

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Estate Planning

Our legal team will personally guide you through the estate planning process and help you make informed decisions when crafting legal documents to ensure they are aligned with your interests. We are here to help you protect your wealth and establish sound legal and financial plans in the face of an uncertain future.

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Probate Litigation

Our legal team represents heirs, beneficiaries, executors, administrators and others in a broad range of probate and estate administration matters. We can be your trusted advisers and advocates through this difficult process. We can provide you with the strong advocacy you need in all types of probate litigation, including will and trust disputes, and claims against fiduciaries.

Probate & Estate Administration

Our legal team puts in the hard work that allows our clients to take the time they need to care of themselves and loved ones. Through communication and teamwork, we get the best results for our clients through difficult times.


Family Law

Our legal team provides strong, compassionate representation in a broad range of family law matters. You may have never thought you would need a family law attorney, but for one reason or another, you are here. Whether you face the end of a marriage, a child custody dispute or any other legal issue that affects the family, know that help and legal support are available.

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Business Planning & Litigation

To support the goals and dreams of our clients, we take their vision and help them create legal documents to make it reality. We are there from creation to execution, when things go unexpected, we are there protect you and your accomplishments.

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Medicaid Planning

Our legal team assists in helping our clients understand and move through the process of Medicaid. We can help you plan for your future with Medicaid while still protecting your interests and assets. It is never too late to start planning 

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Real Estate

The sale of a property is a massive process whether it's commercial or private. We work to help you with the legal aspects of property transactions, working with you to get the best for your future.


Attorney Derek was super diligent,

responsive, and extremely professional. He suggested a great idea that helped speed up my probate hearing and closure of the estate! I would recommend this law office to anyone looking for an effective and efficient law firm!


Estate Planning Client

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