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It's All In The Details

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

For many of life’s more important aspects, paying attention to the details are what makes them important. Throughout our lives, we work towards goals, live in the moments, and pause to appreciate the details. Some of these details involve financial wealth and resources that you’ve acquired throughout your life. If you’ve acquired wealth and resources that you would like to be protected and shared among your loved ones as per your instruction in the event of your passing, writing a will is the way to do so. This way, your loved ones and relatives have a clear vision of your intentions and desires.

With one of our clients, we worked with him to interpret and deliver on the will that his parents had left behind. When his mother had passed away just five years after his father, we commenced with the probate proceedings according to the will his mother had written. One particular aspect of the probate process is to issue a notice to the creditors. There are particular rules and deadlines that must be followed for the creditors to file a claim against the estate. During this process, one of the creditors filed a claim just a day after the deadline. In following with the guidelines of this process, we successfully litigated to have this claim thrown out, since the filing date fell outside of the deadline.

Because of this, our client is now inheriting several thousands of dollars more than he otherwise would have, if the claim had been allowed to be recognized. This was a result of our team paying attention to the details in order to provide our client with the best outcome possible, under the circumstances. We know that the probate process can be complex, which is why you require a team of attorneys and partners who are knowledgeable, passionate, and have your best interests in mind. Hildebrand Law Firm is that team.

Here at Hildebrand Law Firm, we pride ourselves on paying attention to the details to make sure that our clients receive the support and representation they need and deserve. This support is especially important during the tougher moments that precede the times when probate proceedings are needed. Hildebrand Law Firm has been serving clients in Milwaukee and throughout the surrounding areas for almost two decades, handling a broad range of legal matters such as estate planning, probate and estate administration, probate litigation, family law, small-business planning and litigation, employment and labor law, real estate law, and vehicle repossessions.

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